Love yourself. Actually.

​What would you do if any of your friends commits a minor mistake or fails an exam? The obvious answer would be – to forgive and in the second case, to appease and motivate him/her for the future. Now, think about the things that you do to yourself when you commit a minute mistake. Do you constantly reimagine the situation,overthink about it and curse yourself for being so stupid? We all are guilty of doing it – virtually beating ourselves for being clumsy and gauche in front of others, not having that grace that other people around us possess or not being up to the notch. But, is it the real solution for getting over these quandaries? Aren’t we being our own worst enemy in doing so?

1-You look up to other people for approval. You feel that the dress you are wearing doesn’t look good on you just because anybody didn’t compliment you for it. You love yourself when you are all dolled-up, but not so much when you are wearings your PJs. Remember, love comes without any conditions.

2-Whenever you stand in front of a mirror, you are unable to face yourself. You feel ashamed of your scars and all those stretch marks etched on your skin. Little you realize that they are souvenirs of all the little battles you have fought in your life.

 3- Not having a face or body as epitomised by the beauty standards of the society. You wish you looked different than you are, someone else more beautiful as believed by others. You wonder how the most popular girl in your college is so blessed to have that flawless skin and curvy figure. You feel bad about your skin colour or body shape.

4-You consider yourself sub-ordinary. You think you do not deserve the things or people in your life. You are of opinion that your friends are too generous to have you as their friend, that they are just being nice to you. You are not able to cut off from toxic people in your life.

5-You try to act normal in front of others but as soon as you find yourself alone, you start to prepare a mental list of the things you did wrong today and then you reimagine those situations with all your mistakes rectified.You still haven’t made peace with your past. You think that nobody in this world would do such stupid mistakes that you do and you are a misfit in the society.

6-If you are guilty of doing any of the mentioned mistakes, you need to change your perspective towards yourself. Just think what the world would look like if everybody looked exactly what society calls “beautiful”. Everyone having same face, eyes, skin and hair colour and height. In that society, anyone having a different hair colour would be considered beautiful. 

We need to get out of the elusive image of perfection that society approves and love ourselves just the way we are. You don’t have to always look perfect and feel perfect, just be in peace with yourself. Treat yourself well before expecting others to do the same. You are exquisitely exclusive in the whole wide world out there. You just need to realize what you are worth. One quote that makes everything clear-“Comparison is the thief of joy.” 


Black or White?


All of us have seen movies where the superheroes defeat the supervillains and save the world. But,is it so that superheroes are full of benevolence and villains are made of malice? Is everything either all-black or all-white?

1/6 Struggling to stand in the war against her alter-ego,she had started to lose her own identity.An optimistic girl was succumbing to the darkness of her own self…so much so that she started hating the light.Every single ray of light felt piercing through her body and left her in the pain beyond the limits of being bearable.

2/6  She was on the verge of losing this fight. Her dark side had started to overpower all the light within her. Fallen on her knees, she had almost surrendered herself to her alter-ego. 

3/6 She could see through the seemingly beautiful cage that she had been locked in, her alter-ego looking her in the eyes. She looked exactly same as her, yet, something was totally different. To the world, she was a girl of values, who was empathetic and caring. Her alter-ego, on the other side, was wild and diabolical, that always opposed the social maxims and was full of lust, hate and revenge.

4/6 As her body felt limp, exhausted by the battle, she started asking what were they fighting for? Why was she struggling to defeat her own alter-ego, who shared the same body with her? Both of them were the different sides of the same person. Then why did they have to dispel each other? Was it fruitful to that person they were representing or to them in any way? 

5/6  NO! It came to both of them in an epiphany. Then why not stop antagonising one another and work in harmony? After all, light has no existence without the darkness. One cannot appreciate the cleanliness unless one has disgusted the dirt and mess. 

6/6 Finally they had learnt to live with each other peacefully. It was as if all the broken parts of her had fallen into the right place. She realised that nothing is either pure white or entirely black, because everything in this world is a different shade of grey.

Villians lie towards the darker side and heroes stay towards the lighter side, but there no clearly defined boundaries for them. So yeah, everybody is a hero…and a villain too! However, it all depends upon you which side you want to nourish. So, which shade of grey would you prefer to be?